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dee Brown’s latest CD, “Brown Sugar, Honey Coated Love” on Innervision Records is the reason I enjoy my job in music programming.  Following up on the heels of his debut CD, “No Time To Waste” (2006) and “A Little Elbow Room” (2009), dee is back sounding sweeter than ever with his tasty melodies, smooth grooves that vibe perfectly with his unforgettable title, “Brown Sugar, Honey Coated Love.”

Foundationally inspired by Proverbs 27:7 which says, “A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb, but to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.”  dee’s stated purpose of this new release is to promote unity, appreciation, togetherness and sharing. Possessing a solid musical background, dee has performed with artists such as: Paul Taylor,  Darren Rahn, Tim Bowman, Randy Scott, Gail Jhonson, Nate Harasim, Aretha Franklin, Michael and BeBe Winans, just to name a few. All songs with the exception of one track are composed by dee Brown and his fellow talented musicians, Valdez Brantley, Chip Dixon and Shaunia Edwards.

Detroit based dee Brown a Motor City native who has been keeping up a steady flow of live club and festival performances nationally since his inaugural CD in 2006.  He also collaborates on Brown Sugar, Honey-Coated Love with top Detroit songwriters and musicians Valdez Brantley, longtime keyboardist and Musical Director for Usher, bassist Kern Brantley, Musical Director for Lady Gaga, Chip Dixson, an exceptional bassist and keyboard programmer and “Soul Trumpeter” Lin Rountree.  After a unique introduction as the opener on his CD (something I’ve not heard on a CD before) dee launches melodically into his opening track, “My Love’s Forever”  featuring Dezie McCullers on alto saxaphone and dee Brown with vocal scatting.  This song puts the “Jazz” back in Smooth Jazz! It leaves you encouraged and anticipating what comes next. The song, “Smile Again” with vocals by Arnell D. Carmichael moves you rhythmically with an uplifting keyboard orchestral flow. “Pleasurable Dream” is one of my favorite tracks on the CD with a funky vibe that features the vocal scatting and guitar mastery of dee Brown.  While it carries a George Benson style of scatting it is uniquely also a trademark of dee Brown.  In a song that was made for smooth jazz stations, the title track, “Brown Sugar, Honey Coated Love”  features soul trumpeter, Lin Rountree and is the perfect companion to dee’s guitar.

Dee cites defining moment in his career as a day in elementary school when a classmate demonstrated an ability to play back a song heard on the radio with his guitar.  A few years later dee eventually received his first guitar as a Christmas present from his grandmother and immediately began taking lessons.  Fast forward to many hours of practice and “honey coated Love” for his craft and he developed his own sound that is uniquely DEE BROWN accompanied by some of the best smooth jazz artist and talent today.  His spiritual foundation not only guides him but inspires each and every note he plays.   (Greg Riggs – sonlight jazz)

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Title: Brown Sugar Honey-Coated Love
Artist: dee Brown
Year: 2014
Length: 37:37
Label: Innervision Records

01 Honeycomb (Intro) [0:39]
02 My Love’s Forever [4:21]
03 Smile Again [3:44]
04 Pleasurable Dream [3:43]
05 Ice Cream Sunday [3:50]
06 Power Within (interlude) [2:00]
07 Natural Love [4:19]
08 I’ll Always Love My Mama [3:44]
09 I’m Here For You (I’ll Never Leave You) [3:31]
10 Brown Sugar Honey-Coated Love [3:36]
11 Honeycomb [4:09]

Some Extra Sugar:

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Brown Sugar, Honey-Coated Love

by Dee Brown

© Copyright – Dee Brown / Innervision Records








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